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Episode Summary

Coach Molle is on a mission to change the world. She is a Leadership and Conflict coach helping her community embrace their inner power. Even though she has studied at more universities than you can count on your hand, Coach Molle believes in the power of experiential education. From being politely asked to leave her high school (and never come back), to her work inspiring women around the world, Molle has always pushed back against systems that don’t work. She also plays well with others

Episode Notes

Molle was born and raised in Canada and had, in her own words, an amazing childhood. She had the opportunity to try many experiences and is so grateful for that.

She never really fitted in at school as she was always looking for new ways of doing things. Her grade 8 gym teacher showed Molle that she didn't need to follow the same path as everyone else and in fact it was an asset that she had a different way of thinking.

Listen as Molle explains how this helped her to understand who she was and who she needed to have around her. This led to her questioning things and ultimately she rebelled against the norm because she was bored. Molle learned lessons from this rebellion and she chose to find different options for how she could continue her education.

The important note here is that there are always options!

We each learn differently with different strengths and perspectives. When we release that within our students we see exceptional results. Stretching the brain releases potential from our subconscious mind. 

Molle left high school and went to University because that is what everyone does - so she thought. She studied philosophy and Eastern religion. She didn't have any guidance and therefore chose subjects that interested her rather than something that would lead her to a career she would love. 

Molle doesn't feel that any of this time was a waste because she learned about the world and it has helped to grow her mind. When she joined the workforce Molle adopted an attitude of "How can I help" so that she could continue her learning and development. 

When COVID hit Molle started to work for herself as a mediator and facilitator, someone to help guide other people embrace conflict. 

How can we bridge the gap between these different types of thinking?

How can we help people to be excited about what they are learning?

We need to start talking to our teens differently and engage with them as adults, asking them for their perspective and thoughts. 

Always think about what you want to move towards rather than what you are trying to escape from. 


Owning the situation and your actions that brought you to where you are now.

Win-win solutions to the problem. 

Negotiating for better solutions.

Thank you to Coach Molle for your contribution and for sharing your lessons today.

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Final message from Chris: Your current circumstance does not define who you are. You are special, you are loved, you are a unique being with unlimited potential so now is the time to rise up and maximize your potential every day.

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