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Corporate Action Hero

Episode Summary

John Davis was a young man who had a passion for swash buckler movies and wanted to be a stunt man. He was given his break when he received training to become a stunt man. This all fell apart when he was helping a friend and twisted his spine.

Episode Notes

The diagnosis was not good as the Doctors told John that he had Spina Bifida and would never have a career in performing. This news could have stopped John in his tracks but he used it as fuel to achieve even more. This involved a change in mindset and it was the start of his amazing journey. John read a Bruce Lee book while he was in hospital and it resonated with him so much that he refused the Doctor's advice to put a pin in his back. Instead John took up Yoga to increase and develop his flexibility.

John shares that your outer experience is dictated by what you believe in the present moment. The small actions that you take daily will create momentum that eventually will produce massive results. 

"Small things that are repeatedly with consistency over time will produce massive results" - Chris Baker

The only moment you are living is here and your outcome will be a result of the actions you are taking now. The past is gone and the future isn't here yet so live today and be intentional about what you do to produce the results you want. In other words, be the person you want to become, starting today.

"When you believe it you will see it" - Chris Baker

John describes his technique, The 5 "F's", that he uses to help people set their fears aside so that they can achieve anything they want. This is stepping aside from the fight or flight response so that you can take a breath then change your present timeline to move forward.

Use declarations to change your mindset rather than affirmations that you may, or may not believe in. Are you trying to do something or do you see yourself as the person that no longer does what you are moving away from? 

John explains how he uses the present moment active words method to help his clients to retrain their minds to focus on what they are choosing to do right now. When you can focus on the positive in your current situation you will use your momentum to keep moving forward. 

"When something comes up that seems contrary to what you are looking to achieve, don't get into self-defeating talk and beat yourself up" - John Davis.

You can follow John on his website, Corporation Action Hero

Final message from Chris: Your current circumstance does not define who you are. You are special, you are loved, you are a unique being with unlimited potential and now is the time to rise up to maximize your potential every day.

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